What does skin care and teen confidence have in common? Turns out: a lot.  

Think back, way back to your teen years.  Those dreaded years that we all have shoved back into the deep recesses of our memories.  Remember how tough it was to fit in, to feel like you were as cool or as confident as your peers? 

Now, think about how much more difficult it is being a teen in this day and age, where just one un-photogenic image tagged of you on social media is instantly shared with hundreds of friends, sending your already fragile self confidence into a downward spiral. 

That’s why, we at Girlfriends Facial & Brow Bar, believe that it is so important to promote a positive body image and to encourage and support self confidence during the teen years, which is why offer discounted teen services, such as eyebrow threading ($12) and teen facial ($45), so that our teens can learn early the importance of taking care of, and truly loving themselves.  

If your teen is dealing with acne breakouts, or noticing some changes in their skin,  come in and try the “Lit Teen Facial”, which is carefully crafted and customized for the unique needs of teenage skin, and will leave them feeling confident, empowered, and ready to take on the world. 

Maybe add on a “Bombshell Brows and De-Fuzz” service for a professional shaping of the brows to frame the face, and grooming of any extra facial fuzz so that your teen can go back to school this fall with all the confidence they need. 

Our kids are truly the future! So, let’s start teaching our teens the importance of a good skin care regimen today, so that they will continue to practice healthy skin care habits, as well as self confidence for the rest of their lives.  

We want you to feel safe and comfortable during your service, which is why we have implemented additional hygiene practices during this time of COVID, such as having our employees wear face shields during services, requiring all customers wear a mask while in the building, limiting the number of people in the building, maintaining physical distancing, and the continuous sanitization of all surfaces.  

We look forward to seeing you, and your teen, at one of our locations soon!  You can book your no-charge consultation online.