Brow Henna VS. Brow Tint: What’s Best For You? 

So, you’ve decided that you want to get your brows done, but can’t decide if you should go with Bombay Brow Henna or 3D Brow Tint?  Many of our clients ask the same question, and the answer depends on your unique brow type, complexion, and even lifestyle.  

Here are a few things to consider to help you decide which is best for you!

What is Brow Henna? 

Brow Henna is a natural pigment that stains the brow hairs and the skin beneath the hair, leaving a powder-like matte finish.  With henna, you can get your desired eyebrow shape, mapped and measured to suit your face shape by a professional brow technician.  The colour lasts up to two weeks on the skin, and on the hairs for up to six weeks. Shades range from blonde to black, so that you can achieve your desired brow look to suit your complexion.  

What is Brow Tint? 

3D Brow Tint is an application of semi-permanent dye to your brow hairs, using our custom feathering technique, to enhance and define your natural brows.  Results of the tint can last four to five weeks.  There are a variety of shades to choose from, ranging from light to dark brown, and can be mixed and customized depending on your complexion to give you the most natural look possible.  

What is the Difference Between Brow Tint and Brow Henna? 

The main difference lies in the tinting of the skin with henna, which is perfect for those that have slightly sparse or thinner brows that want to add some fullness and shape. Customers love the look of Brow Henna and how much time it saves them during their morning makeup routine.   Brow Henna is natural, and a great alternative to more invasive treatments like microblading, while still achieving your ideal brow shape.  

If your brows are naturally full and you just want to define the colour, then brow tint might be more up your alley.  Brow tint even covers up grey hairs, so you don’t have to tweeze them out and risk thinning your brow shape.  If you lead an active lifestyle, such as playing sports or swimming, Brow Tint is your perfect solution as it is more sweat and water resistant.

For those that don’t have a lot of time to spare, Brow Tint is the quickest treatment (only 10 to 15 minutes) and can be easily added on to your Bombshell Brows threading service.  Brow Henna can also be added to your threading service, and the entire treatment would clock in at just under an hour. 

Don’t forget, every treatment comes with a free consultation and patch test before you commit. Whichever you choose, we are sure you will love the results!  

See you soon at one of our locations, Downtown or in the Hart!