It’s probably no surprise to you that facial hair removal is a lot more complicated than just a mirror and a set of tweezers.  Most people aren’t born with the perfect brows or a fuzz-free face, so we have to look to other measures to get our desired look.  With so many options out there these days, how do you know which method is best for you and your unique needs?  

After years in the beauty industry, we’ve uncovered a few trade secrets that might change the way you think about facial hair removal! 

SECRET #1: Using Tweezers Can Cause Patchy Brows

Tweezing your brow hairs can actually cause permanent damage to the follicle and root, which creates bald spots on your brows where the hairs used to be!  We’ve all picked up a pair of tweezers at one point or another and might have gotten a little too carried away.  If you end up removing too many hairs, the whole structure of your brow shape can fall apart, and those hairs may never grow back! 

SECRET # 2 : As You Age Your Facial Hair Can Change

It’s ironic that as we age, we can tend to get hairier in the places that we don’t want – like our chin or upper lip, while our hair thins out on our scalp and our eyebrows.  Mother nature can sure be cruel sometimes!  Fun surprises like thinning brows makes it even more important to take care of your brows professionally to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. 

If you do notice that your brows might be starting to look a little more sparse than usual, maybe it’s time to look into a Bombay Brow Henna or 3D Tinting treatment, to give your brows back the look of fullness they once had. 

SECRET # 3: Waxing Can Cause More Damage Than Other Hair Removal Methods

How? Waxing can irritate your skin and aggravate sebum production, which can cause breakouts and enlarged pores.  Additionally, because waxing doesn’t target individual hairs, hairs may not come out cleanly by the root, which is a large contributing factor to ingrown hairs.  Not to mention the risk of developing wrinkles due to the pulling and tugging of your skin with wax strips.  Yikes!

What We Recommend

The best and most effective method of hair removal for any age or stage of life is threading.  Threading is the least invasive, low cost, cleanest and safest way to take care of your facial hair without the scary side effects! 

Threading is an ancient art which goes back centuries, and is practiced today by the highest trained brow specialists in the world.  

Our threading services start at just $19, and include a free consultation and facial massage.  Come visit us today at one of our locations, and see for yourself what all the hype is about!