The time has come to ditch the hot wax for your facial hair removal! 

The ancient hair removal technique of threading has become increasingly popular with those who are looking for a gentler, natural alternative to painful waxing on their delicate facial skin.  

Unlike waxing, threading doesn’t peel off a layer of your skin on the wax, which can leave your skin susceptible to sun damage and irritation.   There is no pulling or stretching of hot wax on the delicate skin around your eyes, which can lead to tenderness, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

Threading is truly an art form, and who wouldn’t want an artist designing the shape and structure of their brows?  Too often amidst the mess of hot wax, the wrong hairs can be removed causing the entire structure of the brow shape to collapse.  

Those with sensitive skin will love the gentle nature of the threading process.  A trained brow artist uses a special cotton thread, twisting and sweeping it along the skin, targeting each hair individually.  The hairs are lifted and removed from the root, which means less noticeable re-growth, and longer time between salon visits, saving you both time and money. 

If time and money are of the essence for your salon visits, then you are in luck!  A simple “Bombshell Brows” appointment is so quick that you could schedule it during your lunch break, and return to work looking smooth and refreshed, having spent less than $25!  Plus, all of our threading services include a complimentary facial massage, because we believe that everyone deserves to be pampered. 

Need a little more de-fuzzing than just the brows? Other areas of the face can easily be threaded, including the neck, upper lip, sideburns, chin, and cheeks!  The “Empress Face” service is the ultimate in facial de-fuzzing, from the neck up to the eyebrows, and still clocks in at under an hour and only $55.   

So this month, why don’t you leave your hot wax mess for your scented candles, and come see us for a thread instead.