If you’re anything like us, the harsh, cold winter weather can sure wreak havoc on your skin.  That’s why we’re so excited to share our Top 5 winter skin care products with you, so that you can have happy, healthy, glowing skin all winter long!   Here are the 5 products to get you started with your winter skin care routine:  

  1. When cleansing your skin during the winter months, it’s important to be gentle to avoid further drying out our skin.  Try using Eminence Organics Coconut Milk Cleanser to gently cleanse, hydrate, and comfort dry and irritated skin.  This gentle cream cleanser uses coconut milk to nurture, soften, and protect your skin for a dewy, fresh finish. 
  2. Our winter skin can be highly sensitive, so don’t scrub and exfoliate too hard and risk further irritating your skin!  Instead, try using Eminence Organics Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant, to gently remove dead skin cells, absorb oil, and infuse your skin with antioxidants.  
  3. Using a hydrating mist toner like Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Mist is the perfect treat for dry skin.  The natural ingredients of stone crop juice, jasmine, and lavender hydrates, heals, nourishes, calms, and restores irritated skin.  Plus, it smells great! 
  4. Check out the award winning Eminence Organics Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer, loaded with naturally hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin C, and shea butter.  With each application of the moisturizer, you’ll replenish your skin’s moisture barrier, and start to feel your skin becoming firmer, smoother, and more toned.  
  5. For extra luxurious moisture repair, try the Eminence Organics Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer, to drench your skin with organic moisturizing and healing ingredients. Stone crop is a natural succulent that’s been used in first aid for centuries, and doubles as an effective moisturizer to heal, reduce the appearance of irritation, and clarify the skin’s appearance.  

We truly believe that natural and organic skin care products are our best defence against the sometimes harsh outside environment.  Plus, with Eminence Organics, you can feel good about being sustainable, cruelty free, and void of harmful chemicals like parabens, synthetic dyes, animal by-products, phthalates, and GMOs.   

That’s why we’re so happy to partner with Eminence to offer free shipping direct to your door, when you order online from our website, at GFbrowbar.ca/shop.  It may be a long, cold winter, but you’d never know it when you have happy, glowing skin!