We are incredibly passionate about natural and holistic beauty at Girlfriends Brow Bar, which is why we offer holistic beauty services like threading and brow henna, and unique organic facials using Eminence Organic Skin Care Products. 

So, why is it so important to adapt to more sustainable and holistic beauty methods? Here are three reasons: 

#1 – It’s better for your skin & health
It would shock you if you knew how many of our everyday drugstore cosmetics and skin care products contain known carcinogens and chemicals which can cause major health issues while accumulating in our bodies.  These harsh chemicals can cause irritation, sensitivity, and clogged pores.  Threading, for example, is our holistic and safe hair removal method, that does not have a negative effect on your skin like waxing, and other hair removal methods do.  

#2 – It’s better for the environment

Natural beauty products are formulated using organic ingredients that have been grown and produced with sustainable practices, and without any harsh chemicals. This results in less waste and toxins down your drain, and you can have a “clean” conscience knowing that you’ve lowered your personal environmental impact. 

#3 – It’s the future of beauty and self care

Gone are the days of the plastic, synthetic, chemically bleached beauty standard.  Today, people are embracing a more natural (and healthy!) look in their beauty routine.  Thick eyebrows, less makeup, and a natural glow are the new standard, and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Not to mention, our awareness of the environmental impact the beauty industry has, as well as its dark history with animal testing, is leading the change in the beauty world for better products and less harmful methods.  

We truly believe that natural and organic skin care products are the future of beauty, which is why we’ve partnered with Eminence as a certified retailer of their natural skin care product line, and are the only in-store retailer of Eminence products in Prince George.  So now, you can come into one of our brow bars, try an organic facial, and shop for your favourite Eminence products.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for in store, we can put in a special order for you, or you can head to our website (GFbrowbar.ca/shop) and order the Eminence products you love with free shipping, right to your doorstep.  How great is that?  

The future of beauty is natural, and we hope to make it accessible and enjoyable for our customers as well. 

Come visit us at one of our brow bar locations soon!