In this blog post, we’ll share a Guide to Men’s Grooming, including the benefits of facial threading.

Men: if you’re just doing a trip to the barbershop to get your hair trimmed once or twice a month, that just ain’t going to cut it anymore (pun intended). There is so much more to facial hair grooming that is totally acceptable for men in this day and age.  No, I’m not talking about beard oil and the lumberjack look… I’m talking about threading, the trend that men all over the world are now embracing to manage their facial fuzz. 

So what is threading?  Threading is a simple (and natural) hair removal process that is considered to be one of the most painless and safest options for facial hair removal. 

Here Is Uur Ultimate Guide to Men’s Grooming:

How Mens Facial Threading Works:

Our professionally trained brow artists use a cotton thread to carefully remove hairs from the follicle, with less pain and mess than waxing. The cotton thread is twisted into a double strand and swept along the skin, gently removing each hair.  Our highly skilled professionals sweep a cotton thread across your face so swiftly and diligently that you may not even notice. 

What can you thread :

Threading became popularized for its use on the eyebrows, and for men it’s the perfect way to get rid of that unibrow and tidy up any wild or rogue brow hairs, while maintaining the natural look of your brows without appearing too overdone.  

The cheeks and sideburns are also popular areas where threading really shines, cleaning up your cheeks and sideburns from any stray hairs or fuzz, and leaving you with a well manicured and well defined beard region. 

Benefits Of Threading For Men: 

  • Less ingrown hairs than shaving or waxing, great for sensitive skin. 
  • Quick service for those on the go. 
  • No mess, no razor burn, no hot wax, no clean up. 
  • Relatively painless and long lasting. 
  • No pulling or tugging on the skin.
  • Chemical free, doesn’t interfere with your skin pH.


We hope our Guide to Men’s Grooming inspired you!

Join the other men like you from all over the world, who are starting to embrace threading as the perfect method for facial hair and brow grooming.  At Girlfriends Brow Bar, we believe that men’s grooming is just as important as for women, which is why we now offer “Bro Barservices just for men. 

Come down to one of our “bro bar” locations today for a free consultation with one of our threading experts, and discover for yourself what all the hype is about. Book your appointments easily, online, today! 

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